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3 ways to drive more visitors to your site with door hanger advertising

Custom door hangers can be a great addition to your offline marketing arsenal - but what if you want to turn those offline recipients into online visitors for your website?

Of course, anyone can add a website URL to a hanger design, but here are three incentives to make a visit to your site irresistible.

 Add a voucher code

If you’re running an ecommerce site, you’re probably already aware of the power of discount codes. Not only do they get more traffic through the door and lead to more conversions, but they can also introduce your brand to newcomers and nurture loyalty within your customer base.

Adding a discount code to your door hanger adverts can be a great incentive for recipients to check out your website. Plus, with variable data printing, you can add unique one-use codes to each individual hanger - perfect for tracking which hanger spots lead to more conversions. Unique codes can also encourage brand loyalty by making recipients feel ‘special’ and valued.

Add a scratchcard

Did you know you can use door hanger printing to run a scratchcard promotion? Scratch-off panels can be added during the print process, offering recipients a fun ----

Why not place unique prize codes underneath each scratch panel, and direct recipients to a page on your site where they can input the code to see what they’ve won? If you’re running an ecommerce site, another route is to tell players what prize they’ve won on the hanger, and give them a promo code to enter at the basket page in order to redeem it.

In both cases, it can be useful to offer a voucher as a consolation prize for losing players. Even a small discount can encourage users to stay on your site beyond the initial giveaway incentive.

Add interactive features

What if your door hangers could offer interactive functionality This is actually a lot easier than it sounds - there are a range of user-friendly solutions out there to help you add online interactivity to your offline marketing.

QR codes are probably the most popular of these methods, enabling users to access your site in an instant by simply pointing their phone’s camera at the code. Creating a QR code is simply a matter of inputting your site details into one of the many QR code generators across the web - or you can rely on us to generate one for you.

Beyond QR codes, there’s also Ricoh’s Clickable Paper™ solution; allowing users to access your online store as well as product demonstration videos, social media accounts and other rich online media. Door Hanger Printing can help you set this up for your hanger print run - all we need is the original design file and a rundown of the online content you want to display.

Follow the Door Hanger Printing site for all the latest tips and advice for your offline marketing - and for more information on how we can help you with custom-printed hangers, get in touch on 02380 878030 today.

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