16,000 ‘do not disturb’ signs?

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One man's collection of over 16,000 ‘do not disturb’ signs - and what we can learn from them.

It should come as no surprise that we here at DoorHangerPrinting.co.uk love a good ‘do not disturb’ sign - but perhaps not as much as the man who owns more than 16,000 of them!


Edoardo Flores, a former UN civil servant from Italy who spent a lot of his working life travelling the globe, began his collection with a sign he pinched from a Pakistan hotel some time in the 1990s. He didn’t give it much thought at the time, but soon he was regularly bringing hotel door signs home with him as keepsakes of his travels.

Eventually this little hobby grew into a curated collection, boasting thousands of signs in all manner of shapes, sizes, colours, materials and designs. Edoardo’s collection has since gone digital, with images of his collection available to browse in full on his website.

On first reflection, it’s simply a fun tale about one man’s quirky collecting project. But Edoardo’s story also reveals some insights into the value of the humble ‘do not disturb’ sign - and why you hotel or B&B should have one in every room.

They put control over privacy in your guests’ hands

As Edoardo puts it on his website, “"Do Not Disturb" signs uphold a guest's "reasonable" right to privacy”. Staying overnight in a new city (or perhaps a different country) can be a slightly daunting prospect for some guests - particularly business travellers under pressure to close deals with new clients, or younger guests experiencing the anxiety of being away from home.

While it might seem like just a basic trinket of hotel accommodation, a simple DND door hanger essentially gives your guests control over the privacy of their room, and provides subtle but immediate assurance that their stay will be comfortable, safe and uninterrupted.

They’re an important part of your guests’ experience - and a reflection of your brand

Beyond the guarantee of privacy, DND signs also form a small but important part of your guests’ overall stay. Along with all the basic amenities and toiletries, a do not disturb sign is something everyone will expect to find in their room - and while your guests aren’t likely to be losing sleep over a missing sign, it still gives the impression that your hotel experience falls below their expectations. Hardly the best first impression to make...

Conversely, a beautifully designed and brand-consistent DND hanger can show your guests that you care about the quality of their stay - right down to the smallest details.

They can become great viral marketing on social media

Mr Flores’ story shows that a pinched DND sign will forever serve as a memento of that particular hotel visit - but in the age of social media, these mementos can even become viral sensations.

Holiday snaps are no longer something consigned to an album on your bookshelf - today’s holidaymakers are instead posting pictures of their adventures with their friends and followers online. A creative, funny and unique door hanger design will likely get shared by your guests as a quirky detail of their stay, which will get your establishment in front of all their followers and may even spread to the wider community as more and more people share your design on their own social feeds.

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